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Business Management Services

Use key metrics to make the right strategic decisions

If you're a business owner that is looking for financial advice and guidance to help you both manage and grow your business, look to our Business Management Services package. Think of us as your CFO, but at a fraction of the cost of a regular CFO. We’ll meet with you regularly throughout the year to not only provide timely information about the health of your business, but to provide that information in a language that you can understand and take action on.

Our Business Management Services include:

Use your budget to keep you on the path to your goals. Operating the business to your budget is a strong way to ensure and improve profitability.
Revenue & Profit Analysis  
Is your business growing, shrinking, flat? We'll analyze trends in your revenue and profit margins.
Expense Analysis  
How are you spending your money? We'll monitor your top expenses and help you to better manage them.
Tax Planning & Tax Minimization  
Let us help you minimize what you owe so you can invest more in things that matter most to you and your business.
Payroll Expense Analysis  
Your staff are your most important resource. Are you getting the most out of your investment in them?
Credit Card Fee Tracking  
Credit card fees can be a major expense. Let us help you find the card the best supports your business.
Cash Flow Tracking  
Cash is King. A healthy cash flow is key to a healthy business. Let us help you improve yours.
Key Performance Indicators  
We know that you pay attention to important day to day activities inside the business. We'll help you to track those indicators and report on them in useful ways.

In three easy steps, our team can help you find your path
to a sustainable, profitable business and more individual freedom.

Put your focus back on your business by handing your accounting work over to our firm. When you outsource your accounting function to us, you get a team of professionals working for you. We handle your complex tax and accounting work while providing you 24/7 access to your data—and all at a fixed, affordable monthly fee.

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